Technique Strength Technology

The company has abtained IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 since 2014, and the entire production system from development to Serial production is strictly complied with in with the requirements of standards. Our core competence is basde on four pillars: Material development, product design, quality control and manufacturing competence. The know-how creates the posiblity for us to work in customer-center, and provide customers with high-quality products and services. Through continuous improvement as business philosophy, Improving product quality, production efficiency and meeting the strict requirements of customers to achieve cost down policy.

  • Material R&D

    Committed to development and research of elastomer materials with excellent dynamic and outstanding mechanical properties, including NDI, PPDI and TODI polyurethane materials, rubber materials and thermoplastic elastomer materials.

  • Product Engineering

    On the basis of material technology, product engineers meet customer requirements for product reliability and durability through FEA engineering, simulation and product structure design etc.

  • Manufacturing Competence

    Complete production facilities, including rubber compression molding, injection molding, tes.

    ransfering molding and extrusion molding, polyurethane casting molding and thermalplastic injection molding and liquid injection molding etc.

    There are a group of process engineers with rich experience in material molding, mold design and process development to fulfill the deliveriables.

  • Quality Control

    All quality control processes comply with IATF 16949, using 8D, Ckp, PPM, and 6 Sigma toolings etc. We have total material testing equipments and devices, meanwhile all the testing equipment for the finished products are standing by in-house .