Tax Revenue           Public Welfare          Education Base

Relationships with Customers

Our aims are to fully satisfy customers in terms of quality, cost, supply capacity and speed.

Relationships with Employees

We committed to maintaining and improving workplaces where each of our employees can work safely and in good health, and fully exercise his or her abilities.

Relationships with Suppliers

Our business is supported by relationships with numerous suppliers. We always believe it is important to promote CSR throughout our supply chain. We have adopted a series of Basic Purchasing Policy on which healthy partnerships are built.

Relationships with Local Communities

We pay respect to the local culture and customs of the area we work in and engage in various corporate activities accordingly.




       Eco-friendly            Recycle          Paperless Office

Environmental Philosophy & Policy

With a keen awareness that ongoing conservation of the global environment is a task common to all humankind, we will fulfill our social responsibilities by working to reduce environmental load by carrying out eco-friendly business activities.

Environment Management

Qualified by ISO14001, CJC adhere to the requirement as the framework for its environmental management system, and promotes the acquisition, maintenanceand management of the ISO14001 qualification. 




Transparency Operation              Global Perspective 

Corporate Governance

CJC intends to become a conscientious and principled company that earns society's trustIt is to this end that we maintain and enhance our internal control, run our business healthily and efficiently, and disclose information appropriately to increase the transparency of the company’s business operations.

Risk Management

CJC tries to secure business continuity by anticipating both mid/long-term and daily risks based on a global perspective.

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