Engineering R&D Capability

  • New product independent research and development,Mold independent development and manufacturing

  • Fully equipped laboratory and testing room

  • Samples made and manged by special-assigned people

Production Capacity

  • Lean high-speed automatic and Semi-automatic production line

  • Vertical integration supply system.
    hardware, plastic and silicon rubber component independent production

  • ERP system for management

Electromagnetic Design

  • Magnetic Circuit Design Margin

    The maximum magnetic induction intensity is designed to be 1.8T; 

    It shall not cause saturation and thus power consumption.

  •  Low Leakage Flux Design

    The value of the flux leakage coefficient is close to 1, the less flux leakage. 

    The magnetic flux leakage coefficient of the industry is controlled within 1.2.

  •  Demagnetization Check

    Demagnetization shall not occur under high temperature of 150℃ and 10 times reverse current demagnetization.

  • Slot Full Rate 42.5%

    The slot full rate is an important means to measure the process,

    improve the performance of the motor and reduce the copper consumption

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